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B.GALGO LOCO + TETE blanc sur fond trans

Our Story

It is the story of a friendship, it is the story of a same motivation:  HELPING...


Arnold DÖBELI, Franco-Swiss and Javier PALACIO, Colombian, studied together their Master of Political Science. The first has made a career in industry, the second in diplomacy.

Thirty years later, Javier PALACIO was entrusted with the task of founding a fundación in memory of a missing Belgian citizen, DENIS HEILPORN.

- DENIS HEILPORN had settled in Marquetalia, a village not listed in the department of Magdalena in Colombia, and offered every day a meal to the children of the poorest families in the village and its surroundings - 

Javier therefore created the FUNDACIÓN DENIS HEILPORN to continue the generosity of Denis, and especially to contribute to the education of children in the village.


Shortly after, Arnold came to help his friend a few months. He finally stayed there more than a year ...


In front of the lack of recurrent resources of the Fundación for buying books, notebooks, repairing buildings and also paying educators, he thought of a way to raise funds to help them further.

Wine lover, the idea of ​​importing it to Colombia in order to return the profits to the Fundación has been materialized during a meeting with a wine importer from Medellín.

This is how the idea of ​​a SOLIDARITY WINE was born.

Back in France in February 2018 to select French winemakers, Arnold did not remain insensitive to the media appeal of the RESTOS DU CŒUR (FRENCH NGO FOR HUNGER). He decided to expand the project in France and wherever he could, to provide as many NGOs as possible.

The first INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY WINE was born and the brand GALGO LOCO registered in France, Colombia, Europe and in many countries of the world.

Today, enjoying a bottle of GALGO LOCO with family or friends, it is keep on improving our history and sharing this same motivation: HELPING ...


GALGO LOCO is an international brand that develops and commercializes its wines around the world.

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